Why Are Some Girls Like This? Read What Happened Between Me And This Lady

I shouldn’t have to bring this here, but I have exhausted other options. Mid last year I had to make an interstate journey and the only means available was by road.

Shared a sit with this girl, around 28yrs old, tall and lighted skinned, didn’t take long before we started talking. we got to our destination and thought we should exchange numbers, she was a lively person.

Fast forward 2 weeks later, she called me that she needed to attend a wedding and that she’s looking for money to buy “asoebi”, she was like she wouldn’t have called me if she had other options, i understand these things can be important to women, so I sent her N10k, she thanked me, called a couple of times to say hi.

Roughly a month after that, she called me again to say she went to visit someone in another state and what not and now she’s stranded.

I was going to say No, but my conscience won’t let me, I tried to imagine if I were the one stranded like that, so I sent her money again. in all of this, I have never met her again after the first and last time we met.

December came and this girl called me to ask me what’s for Christmas, laughed over it and told her nothing. she later sent me an sms asking me to please send her some money, at this point I felt I have had enough.

I ignored her sms, she started calling me unending, sometimes I get as much as 15 missed calls from her. I blocked her number but then she would call with another number, blocked that too and she started calling me with private number.

Jjust this morning she sent me an sms saying why am I being WICKED, as in I don’t understand, she’s acting like I owe her or something.


I am surprised at the number of people calling me names for helping someone. I wasn’t looking to start anything with her, I have never given her such impression.

I saw a grown woman who I felt was in need and I helped. I am no stranger to help, we have all helped people in different capacity, people we don’t know.

What do you have to say to this?

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