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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

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Meet The 26-Year-Old Lady Who Is Addicted To Dating Married Men (Photos)

A model who wanted revenge on a Cheat!ng boyfriend has become a serial mistress to wealthy married men. Lacey Jay, 26, “revenge cheated” on her 27-year old builder lover when she discovered he was secretly dating other girls behind her back.

But her fling with a rich married stockbroker 10 years her senior led to Miss Jay seeking out other affairs with other wealthy adulterous husbands after she she was lavished with gifts.
Now she had had illicit romances with three other married men after she met them through a dating site for people who want to cheat.

She dumped her boyfriend after showing pictures of herself with one of her wealthy lovers.
Miss Jay of Guildford, Surrey said: “I’m now addicted to having affairs.

“I’ve got a taste for richer older men now and I don’t think I will be able to stop – and they are all men who wanted to embark on affairs before I came along.

“It all happened by accident when my boyfriend started Cheat!ng on me with a string of other girls. “I suspected he was up to no good because he changed the pin on his phone and he started going out more frequently with his mates.

“I wanted to trust him but some friends tipped me off one night and I caught him red-handed with another girl. “He promised he would not do it again and that he would remain faithful but still refused to give his phone pin so I could check who he had been speaking to.

“He is typical of men my own age – none of them can be trusted and they have no respect for women.”They just treat us as sex objects. I think it is all down to the P0rn they watch all the time on their phones.”

She has been whisked away on expensive breaks all over Europe by a series of handsome suitors.
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