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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

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''SARS can find anybody they want but can't find those carrying out wanton killings, or its not their job?'' Alibaba reacts to Plateau attack

Comedian Alibaba, has questioned the government's sincerity to put an end to the wanton killings recorded in most parts of the country.

Reacting to the attack in 11 communities in Plateau state in which over 100 persons were killed by suspected herdsmen over the weekend, Alibaba in a post he shared on his IG page, said that SARS officers can find anyone they want to but cannot find and arrest those behind the killings. 

Read his post below

If these crop of politicians, believe it's more important to budget for their constituents and issues that directly reflect on the voter influence, instead of putting a final stop to these senseless killings, then voting them out should be our response. That means, no matter what it takes, get your PVC and do the needful. Because, in 2014, there were senseless killings. And since that time till now there has been even more senseless killings. Yet no effective punishment or combined action to let who ever these killersvare to know that we will not take one more loss of life. The way I see it, if someone keeps stealing from you and you do nothing to let the person know that you do not like it, they will continue stealing. Same goes for these kind of killings.

A group of people killing 100s of people can not be a flash mob activity. How long does it take to get a helicopter in the air? Especially when you know the hotspots. Just as I say, if the people who walk into any legistlative chambers, in States, anywhere in Nigeria, don't get punished, very soon, they will enter the Senate or House of Reps. And they did. Yes they did. Same thing with these killings. The way it is going, we are losing and they are winning... and while we are whinning about strategies and condolences, they are planning the next attack.

The bank robbers too know that, they can strike, get in an escape vehicle and disappear. Where are our air support security agencies?... when those who stole the monies were queried we called it witch hunt. In this day and age of modern technology that can find oil 2000 feet underground, we can not find murderers killing 100s of people. Habaaaaa. But SARS can find anyone they want. Can they help us find these killers? Or it's not in their job description?

#TheseSenseslessKillingsMustStop #TheseSenseslessKillingsMustStop #TheseSenseslessKillingsMustStop #TheseSenseslessKillingsMustStop
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