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Monday, June 11, 2018

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Teddy A reacts after his babymama called him out

Big Brother Naija 2018 former housemate, Teddy A, has reacted after his babymama called him out, and accused him of being a deadbeat father.

Apparently, Layla says Teddy has neglected the role of a “father figure” in the life of their son, but he keeps sending money to his fans, living a fake life.

In a series of tweets she posted on Twitter, she wrote:

“Before you give money to fans left and right take of your kid first smdh ��

Ain’t playing with you nigga I am allergic to bullshit

Fear what you don’t know

I got so much prove on your ass so don’t Bleep with me before I scatter your fake life mumu

I’m trying to keep my cool but I guess u like my wahala

Oya Hurricane Layla on the way to scatter everything with facts �

Whatever ppl thing of me don’t matter I’m tired of taking care of my son while you’re there having fun Nd living the fake life, fake everything

I keep warning you but your mumu self Won’t listen, arrogance will kill you

You know I got so much prove on your ass if I put it on here they will loose respect for you so stop bleeping with me nd be a good father to your son stop showing ppl fake life Before I blast you

I have time today��

How many time I warned your ass

U can lie don’t them but not me cuz you know the secrets I got on you

Why these mother fuckers thing is ok to let a mother take care of their pikin while u here having fun, nah I’m not one of those BM��

You are so manipulative only a mumu can’t see it

I go with the flow, you want wahala I’ll serve it you want peace u know what to do

For 5 yrs I been taking of my son the first you send him money was on his bday, so don’t tell I didn’t try o

I call him send him messages to keep peace but I guess he like to Bleep with me #imthewrongbabymomtoplaywith

Your son should be your priority nigga

They don’t know the way I know you so stop bullshit Nd be a good father to your son nd stop deceiving yourself biko

Nobody hacked my account o” – 

In reaction, Teddy A simply wrote; “Nobody can stop the sun from shining..E no possible”.

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