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Thursday, July 26, 2018

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Twitter Suspends accounts of Social media influencers in new wake of ban on mass tweeting

Twitter has said it would no longer allow users to post identical messages from multiple accounts, in what seems like a crackdown on tactics used by social media influencers to make tweets or topics go viral.

In huge step against bulk tweeting, Twitter has apparently suspended a number of accounts (it’s unclear, how many of them) for indulging in “Tweetdecking”, which means accounts simultaneously mass tweeting same tweets from multiple accounts.

Those involved, form secret Tweetdeck groups, which they call “decks.” Getting an invite to join a deck requires a follower count in the tens of thousands. Many people running campaigns for awareness say that the top trends on Twitter are now almost impossible to breach without an organized campaign by volunteers or recruits flooding the tag, because social media “services” can actually sell organized campaigns for visibility. “Tweetdecking” is now a thing! These trends can be nonsensical, meaningless and almost entirely populated with bots or those earning an income from posting content on Twitter.
Buzzfeed News had reported that teenagers and people in their twenties are making thousands of dollars each month by selling retweets.

To curb this, Twitter has placed a ban on bulk tweeting. Developers are now prevented from using any system that simultaneously posts “identical or substantially similar” tweets from multiple accounts at once, or allows actions like favouriting, retweeting, and following across multiple accounts at once.

The steps initiated by Twitter cripple the ability of such influencer networks to drive engagement in the way they have been able to do so far


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