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Monday, March 18, 2019

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Nollywood actress, Pat Agwu reveals her ass is her selling point

Nollywood actress, Pat Agwu, in a recent chat with Potpourri spoke about her body
and how men are drooling over her backside.
In her words, she said:
“You all know my selling point, it’s my ass; ‘Ikebe’, ‘Ukwu’, I’m the CEO of ass, what else if not my ass. I take care of my ass more than my stomach because it’s my selling point, and I also cherish my legs too. Men are dying for the ass and my ass has helped me so much and it is still helping me and I believe it can only get bigger even tomorrow, so no shaking.” she said

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“Being sexy means everything to me, it means the world to me. I like being sexy, as a woman you have to be sexy, if you don’t look sexy then you are nothing as a woman. Some of us that are not facially beautiful, we have to flaunt the other assets in our body that make us outstanding. I don’t joke with being sexy that’s why I am always in the gym, exercising my body to look fit and fresh, even in my 50s, I won’t stop gyming because I want to be forever sexy.

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